Oklahoma Territory Quick Facts

Kiamichi means “Noisy Bird”, which describes the Red-Headed Woodpeckers. Ouachita means “Big Hunting Ground”. LeFlore County was named after, Basil

Moonshine in the Valley

When most people hear the word “moonshine” they think of Mafiosos, Model T’s and probably the “General Lee”. What most

Kiamichi Shooting Range

From Sun-up to Sun-down you can utilize this completely free and year-round shooting range! This 110 meter range features adjustable

Heavener Deer Pen

For those that yearn to see wildlife on their day-trip over the Talimena Drive but may not have time to

Did You Hear That?

One of Oklahoma’s great mysteries, is the legendary Bigfoot. There are so many questions to this subject, that we may

Adventure is Calling

Towering to the west of Clayton, Oklahoma, lies Flagpole Mountain; a favorite spot to travel for many locals and out-of-towners

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